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2014-2015 NFC Predictions

2014-2015 NFC Predictions

NFC North

Green Bay Packers : 12-4

  • If Aaron stays healthy they are the best team in this division, just imagine what Lacy will be able to do when the best QB in the game is playing for a full season.

Chicago Bears : 11- 5

  • If the O-line can keep up and open holes for Forte this could possibly be a top 3 offense in the NFL. Its clear they are the best WR duo who should continue to light it up next year. The defense is a liability but this team will go as far Cutler can take them. 

Detroit Lions : 7-9

  • Sorry Lion fans, Stafford isnt the answer. Bush is fragile and wont play a full season and that defense will get shredded. Its sad to watch one of the all time greats Calvin not getting a chance to perform in the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings : 4-12

  • Only way the Vikings make the post season is by a herculean performance from Peterson.  There wasn't much of an improvement in the off season in our secondary. Unless Bridgewater starts and highly exceeds expectations the Vikings will be in for another great season to watch, yay. 

NFC South

New Orleans Saints: 13-3

  • The Saints were top 10 on both sides of the ball last year, they will miss Sproles but it shouldnt hurt this high powered offense to much. They are the clear favorites in this division.

Atlanta Falcons : 9-7

  • Everything that could go wrong for this team went wrong last year, injures, injuries, and more injuries. They will be fine this year, Julio is a top 5 WR when healthy and they had a great draft helping out their O-line. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers : 8-8

  • This team has a lot of talent, they have done a great job the last couple of off seasons and drafts. If this young team can get on the same page they may push for a wild care spot. We find out if Glennon is the man this year.

Carolina Panthers : 7-9

  • Goodbye Carolina, at least you were relevant for a year. Cam Newton isnt a guy who makes receivers better and he isnt a guy who can lead you to the playoffs a lone. They have no receivers, they drafted Kelvin Benjamin in the 1st round..... with 4 WR left who were miles ahead of him. Lets just say they failed hard in the draft and lost all of their WR's who were already mediocre to start with. The defense is great but cant carry this offense with a QB who will try to do to much and just turn the ball over in the process.

NFC East  

Dallas Cowboys : 10-6

  • Well, 10-6. I may be a bit crazy but I think this is the year they finally avoid the last season collapse and the 8-8 trap. Dez and Tony will light it up and win a weak division, I dont see them making much noise in the post season probably losing their first game but hey a division title is better than nothing right?

Philadelphia Eagles : 9-7

  • I like Nick Foles and think he can be a very good QB for years to come but Im not sold that he can repeat his last years performance. Losing Jackson will be a huge loss,but they did very well in the draft to try and replace him and they can definitely win this division. If Sproles and McCoy can find a way to be effective together than this team can be dangerous on the offensive side of the ball.

Washington Redskins : 6-10

  • This team was terrible last season and I almost feel as if 6 wins is a little to much. RG3 could possibly be the next Vince Young, if you dont remember Young won rookie of the year only to disappear and fall off the map. The defense was just so bad there is no way I see it all changing in a year. 

New York Giants : 5-11

  • Crazy knowing Eli Manning has two rings. May go down as one of the worst Qb's to win multiple rings. Dont be surprised when he leads the league in INTS again and Tom may finally retire.

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks : 14-2

  • What is there to say about this team, they dominated the AFC's best team, they haven't lost anybody to big and they get a full season of Harvin. I dont see them slowing down. 

San Francisco 49ers : 13-3

  • The 49ers have loaded up at receiver and were a finger tip away from the Super Bowl last year. I still think this is the most dangerous team in the NFL, they need Aldon Smith but he cant seem to stay out of trouble. Colin has to improve or they will never top the Seahawks. 

St. Louis Rams : 10- 6

  • Sam Bradford was on fire last season before going down. If he stays healthy watch out for this team. They had the best draft this year and could have possibly created the deadliest D-Line in the NFL. Zac Stacy could be a star, this team will be fun to watch.

Arizona Cardinals : 7-9

  • I dont trust Carson Palmer, he did well last year but not enough to win in the toughest division in the NFL. I like the Logan Thomas pick in the 5th round but they had so many chances to grab some better options. Dont be surprised when Palmers is battling with Eli Manning for the most picks next season.