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NFL Week 3 Predictions that are bound to go wrong!!!

Tamp Bay Buccaneers vs Atlanta Falcons - I predict 56-14 Falcons......

Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans Saints - Matt Cassel is fresh off his four interception disaster last weekend and he may just be the perfect remedy for a terrible Saints defense. Sitting at 0-2 the Saints will be playing for their season on Sunday and its is very difficult to see them losing to an Adrian Petersonless Minnesota Vikings squad. Rob Ryan has a ton to fix on his side of the ball but playing at home and hosting the Vikings should help them get back on track.  31-10 Saints.

San Diego Chargers vs Buffalo Bills - The Bills are the feel good story of the NFL so far and its been fun to watch, but I have not yet bought into the Bills. The Chargers are one of the better teams in the NFL, they showed that last weekend, after knocking off the defending champs and were a botched snap away from beating the now 2-0 Cardinals. The Bills have a chance to show the world they are here to stay but I believe they will fall short in this one. 24-17 Chargers. 

Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals in my eyes are the best team in the NFL. After just dominating that explosive Falcons offense. I don't see it in Locker to lead the Titans past this Bengals team. The Titans were gashed by Murray last weekend and look for Gio to do the same. I expect another big game out of Gio with Green not being 100%. 34-14 Bengals 

Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns - The Browns are riding high after their impressive victory against the Saints. I love everything about this Browns team, the defense is always stout and Terrence West looks as if he is going to be a stud. Believe it or not but this is a huge divisional match up even after the Ravens dominated the Steelers last weekend, I believe they will leave Cleveland with a lose. 24-21 Browns

Green Bay Packers vs Detroit Lions - Obviously we are in for a shoot out and all the talk will be Rodgers vs Stafford, but I think the difference in this game will be that the Lions defense just isn't as bad as the Packers defense. The Lions D-line should be able to punish what could be the worst O-line in the NFL. One or two stops by the Lions defense may be all that's needed in this one. I wouldn't be shocked if this game was won by who ever has the ball last though. 41-38 Lions

Indianapolis Colts vs Jacksonville Jaguars - The Colts sitting at 0-2 couldn't have asked for a better gift. They get to travel to Jacksonville to get a free win. The Colts are way better than their 0-2 record and they will have no problem against the Jaguars. Chad Henne is still the starting QB for the Jags... 35-9 Colts

Oakland Raiders vs New England Patriots - Its almost impossible to think of ways the Raiders can pull off a major upset against the Patriots. I feel bad for Derek Carr, the guy has played very well for being a rookie and having absolutely nothing around him to work with. The Patriots should be able to cruise right along this week with no problems. 30- 10 Patriots 

Houston Texans vs New York Giants - Eli Manning and the Giants will be in a dog fight to keep from falling in a 0 and 3 hole. Houston is only allowing 10 points a game and taking on a dysfunctional offense. I expect this one to be a close game due to the importance of this game for the Giants but as usual turnovers will be their downfall. 17-13 Texans

Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles - Kirk Cousins has yet another shot as the Redskins starting QB, DJax returns to his former home and this is a crucial divisional match up. The story lines are never ending in this one. The Eagles are 2-0 and look unstoppable once the second half roles around. Cousins will play very well against a suspect Eagles defense but come up short. 31-27 Eagles

Dallas Cowboys vs St Louis Rams - The Cowboys look like they finally found out what is best for their offense. That is to feed the ball to the leading rusher in Murray. The defense that was historically bad last season, has not looked that bad in the first two games of the year. The Rams are allowing an average of 171 rushing yards so look for Murray to have another huge day. 27-13 Cowboys

San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals - The 49ers are coming off a game in which Kaep just simply self destructed and handed the win to the Chicago Bears. The Cardinals are undefeated and just defeated the Giants with back up QB Drew Stanton. Last season the Cardinals were swept by their division rival but this time the Cardinals defense will rattle Kaep and force a key turnover late in the game. 17-13 Cardinals 

Kansas City Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins - We are still unsure if Charles will be playing, last I heard he is traveling to Miami but no word as to if he is starting or even playing. The Miami Dolphins losing Moreno will be a huge blow to this offense but in this game they shouldn't miss him to much. Alex Smith will be harassed all day long by the Dolphins D-line. Two touchdowns should be plenty enough to defeat the lonely Chiefs. 24-10 Dolphins

Denver Broncs vs Seattle Seahawks - Super Bowl rematch. There is nothing more I can say to hype this one up. Peyton Manning was embarrassed and will be looking for some revenge. The Broncos defense has improved and with Saunders, I think even that offense has improved. It is hard to pick against the Seahawks who are coming off a loss and are playing at home but I have Peyton Manning avoiding the pass rush and getting revenge on the Hawks. 27-21 Broncos

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Carolina Panthers - The Steelers desperately need a win, as they cant afford to keep falling behind the Bengals in the North but there are just so many questions concerning that defense that will not be answered this week.  Cam Newton could be in for a very big day. The Steelers offense will do all they can to make this one of the best games of the week though. 30-24 OT victory for the Panthers

Chicago Bears vs New York Jets - The New York Jets have the number 1 rushing offense and the number 1 rushing defense while the Bears are ranked 30th in rushing offense and 27th in defending the rush. The New York Jets will be able to pound the ball all day long against the Bears and keep Cutler and those explosive wide outs off the field.  The Jets defense will be able to turn that Bears offense into a one dimensional offense by shutting down Forte in the run game. 27-24 Jets



1. Cincinnati Bengals - Once again the defense completely dominated another opponent, just shutting down a Falcons offense that put up 37 points a week ago. If they are smart, they will rest Green next week giving him two weeks to heal up. Gio stepped up tremendously with Green gone. 

2. Denver Broncos -They have taken their foot off the gas in the second half for a consecutive game, if they do that next weekend they will be leaving Seattle 2-1. Its going to be tough enough going into Seattle after they are coming off a loss. They will need to play a complete four quarters to have a chance. 

3. Seattle Seahawks - The defense wasn't its normal self Sunday, we all saw that but my biggest concern how they just abandoned the running game. In a game where your defense cant get off the field, you need to at least try and establish a run game, 13 run attempts in the entire game isn't a winning formula. 

4. Arizona Cardinals - For the Cardinals to stay put here, they are going to need Palmer back clearly. The defense is one of the best units in the NFL and they have so many weapons on the offensive side of the ball. Now they will play SF and DEN back to back, will be a good test of how for real this team is. 

5. Carolina Panthers - I strongly believed this team would have a dissapointing season, goes to show how much I know. The defense looks even better than last year and Kelvin Benjamin is an absolute perfect fit for the Panthers. 

6. San Diego Chargers - This team is a botched snap away from possibly being 2-0 against the Cardinals and the Seahawks. The offense is explosive but the real surprise is that underrated defense that has impressed for two straight weeks. Now they take on the undefeated Bills in what should be another difficult game. 

7. San Francisco 49ers -  The absurd amount of penalties and the meltdown of Colin lead to a major collapse against the Bears. They simply gave that game to Chicago. I think this will be a much needed wake up call to one of the most talented teams in the NFL. 

8. Philadelphia Eagles  - That Sproles guy is pretty good huh. Another big 2nd half comeback for the Eagles but its hard to put them any higher due to that defense. 

9. New England Patriots - Tom and that offense didn't really have to do much in this one, but man was that defense impressive. 6 sacks and 4 interceptions. All 3 stages just dominated a distracted Vikings squad. 

10. Atlanta Falcons - The Falcons just ran into the best team in the NFL.... as of now. The O-line got rocked but I expect them to rebound next weekend against the pathetic Buccaneers. 

11. Green Bay Packers - Packers are only at the 11 spot because they have the best QB in the NFL. The O-line is not improving and Lacy has 77 yards rushing in two games. Rodgers is going to have to put up MVP numbers to carry this defense into the playoffs. 

12. Baltimore Ravens - Steve Smith has electrified this Raven offense. The defense was spectacular in holding a very good Steelers offense to just two field goals. 

13. Indianapolis Colts - The play calling last night still boggles my mind. Andrew Luck throws one pass in the Colts final possession? At 0-2, they get a much needed visit to Jacksonville. 

14. Buffalo Bills - The leagues best story so far. The Bills are 2-0 and in first place in the AFC East. Who the hell would have predicted that? I am excited to see how they match up next week against the hot Chargers. 

15. Houston Texans - 20 points is all this defense has allowed and Arian Foster has 241 rushing yards in 2 games. Is it the soft schedule or are they a real threat. Unfortunately, they play the NYG next week and those question wont be answered. 

16. Chicago Bears - That defense made the plays when they needed it most. Marshall not even close to 100% just had his way with that 49er defense. This offense will only improve once those WR get fully healthy we all know this, but if that defense can maintain that level of play they will jump in these rankings. 

17. The New York Jets - That time out is going to haunt Jets fans for quite a while. They should be sitting at 2-0 but still plenty of positives to take from this team. Their running game is one of the best in the NFL, the defense is highly underrated, but in the end their amount of success will come down to one man... Geno Smith. 

18. Detroit Lions - Offensively, this team has become identical to the New Orleans Saints. Unstoppable offensively at home but on the road they just cant seem to put it together. Its only two games but Reggie Bush is averaging 2.7 yards a carry. They are in big trouble if they cant find balance in that offense. 

19. Pittsburgh Steelers - I still have high expectations for this team but they have only played 2 solid quarters all season. They need to get that defense and those lines fixed up quickly or they could fall into a deep hole in a very competitive division. 

20. Dallas Cowboys - You know what? This defense looks very much improved, wouldn't you say? Finally, it seems as if the Cowboys have figured out the best way for them to win and keep that "suspect" defense off the field, simply feed the ball to Murray. Murray for now, leads the NFL in rushing yards. 

21. New Orleans Saints - The defense is back to the bottom of the league and last year is looking like a fluke, defensively that is. Their season is on the line next week against the Vikings. Rob Ryan better get it together.

22. Cleveland Browns - The Browns have played 6 straight impressive quarters and look like a team that is headed in the right direction. The defense plays at an extremely high level and West is going to be a stud. Just imagine if they had Josh Gordon right now....

23. Minnesota Vikings - It was difficult to expect much from the Vikings last weekend. Hard to game plan an entire weeks worth with your best player in those plans and two days before the game he is deactivated. Still doesn't excuse the terrible play from Cassel. The defense was the only bright spot here, they look very much improved from last season. 

24. Tennessee Titans - Jake Locker played poorly and that defense was torn up by that Dallas run, but Locker will improve and I think this Titan team will surprise a lot of people going forward. Having options like Hunter, Wright and Walker will help Locker groom into a good QB.  

25. Washington Redskins - Kirk Cousins has another chance at trying to prove he gives this team a better chance to win. If only they could play the Jags every week.... Cousins will struggle just as he did last season. 

26. Miami Dolphins - Losing Moreno will be a crucial blow to the Dolphins. I am close to jumping ship on Tannehill, his deep ball accuracy just doesn't seem to be improving any time soon.

27. St Louis Rams - Always impressive when you can win an NFL game with your 3rd string QB. Zac Stacy showed some life as well, which will be a must if they look to win more games with Davis as the starter. 

28. Kansas City Chiefs - Knile Davis played well and they made it close against the Broncos, but lets be honest without Charles this at best a 3 win team. 

29. New York Giants - Eli actually played decent but this is a dysfunctional team on both sides of the ball. Probably best if Cruz just stays silent from here on out. 

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Well so much for all that preseason hype. It doesn't get any worse than losing to a 3rd string QB. 

31. Oakland Raiders - Derek Car isn't playing that badly, that has to give Raiders fans some hope. As I have said before, this season is all about giving Carr some experience. That defense needs a lot of help though, they cant stop anybody.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars - Hey Jacksonville play Blake Bortles.

The meaningless, pointless, and good for nothing Week 1 Power Rankings!!!!!!!!!

1.Seattle Seahawks- This team is by far the class of the NFL. Nothing more to say here.

2. Denver Broncos – Pretty clear as of now they are the team to beat in the AFC. Went a little conservative in the second half, but with Sanders this offense may have improved which is scary.

3. San Francisco 49ers - Hard to judge this team off week 1 since Romo basically handed them the game early, but the offense was efficient not great but then again they didnt have to be.

4. Cincinnati Bengals – That defense looked devastating as they were all over Flacco the entire game. With a great defense and the big play abilities from that offense, could they finally be the real deal?

5. Green Bay Packers – If Aaron Rodgers can stay healthy this team will be fighting for a bye week in the playoffs. Yes they got demolished at Seattle but to be fair Seattle is the class of the NFL and at home are almost unbeatable. The line has to be better on both ends and the LB play needs to improve.

6. Atlanta Falcons – Last year was a fluke year, piled by injuries. Good luck stopping this offense, but will the defense hold up?

7. Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals are a fun team to watch, so many weapons on that offense. The defense even with losing a number of big time contributors last season shut down a very good Chargers offense. Watch out for Floyd, that guy is going to have a monster season.

8. New England Patriots – Not sure why the whole world is so shocked the Pats lost @Miami. Brady always struggles when he pays a visit to Miami, but I’m not worried about this team competing for the number 1 seed in the AFC.

9. New Orleans Saints – The defense looked terrible but I think that had more to do with the great play of Matt Ryan. Rob Ryan will fix that and they will be fine.

10. Philadelphia Eagles – The defense is going to be a burden on this team going deep into the season. I do like how Nick Foles came back in the second half, showed a lot of poise.

11. Carolina Panthers – What a dominating performance by that defense. To go on the road and win with your back up QB against a team many people thought highly of is impressive. Kelvin may be the spark this offense has been searching for.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers – Obviously the run defense is a huge concern and it needs to be addressed if they want to compete in the AFC North. I’ve said it a million times and ill say it again Antonio Brown is the best route runner in the NFL and he completely owns Joe Haden.

13. Miami Dolphins – Moreno makes this offense a hell of a lot better. The line play was outstanding in the second half and the main reason they were able to complete their comeback of the Pats. Dolphin fans have to be excited for what is to come.

14. Detroit Lions – If the defense can create turnovers like they did last night the Lions could be real contenders in the NFC. Playing Eli Manning is a bit deceiving though.

15. Indianapolis Colts – A huge blow losing Mathis for the year. This is the year Andrew Luck will make that step to being an elite QB, so I see him doing what he has done since year 1, putting this team on his back.

16. San Diego Chargers – The Chargers played a hell of a game against a very good Cardinals team. What impressed me the most was the play of their questionable defense, but things don’t get any easier as they get to play Seattle next week.

17. Tennessee Titans – They took Jamal Charles completely out of the game and I love their weapons on offense for Jake. Wright and Hunter will be headaches for opposing defensive coordinators.

18. Baltimore Ravens – Flacco should never throw the ball 65 times, hell 20 times is asking to much from Joe. But they still had a chance to steal the game even when they played pretty bad for 3 quarters.

19. Minnesota Vikings – The Rams may have the best D-Line in the NFL and the Vikings O-Line dominated them and along with the defensive performance, this game was shocking to say the least. Not sure if the Vikings are frauds or for real but one thing is for certain, Patterson is going to blow the hell up this year. Pats coming off a loss with be a huge test for the Vikings.

20. Houston Texans – JJ Watt is the best player in the NFL, it was unreal the havoc he created on Sunday. Sadly, this team doesn’t offer much on offense and should struggle throughout the year.

21. Buffalo Bills - Easily the most shocking game of week 1. I don’t think anybody saw this one coming but I’m not quite jumping on this bandwagon. They will still be fighting for the a top 10 pick in next years draft.

22. New York Jets- The ground attack had its way against the Raiders and Geno was so so, lets see what they do against the Packers next week.

23. Chicago Bears – Well my bold prediction of Cutler winning MVP looked good….for the first drive. This defense some how looks worse than it did last season.

24. Dallas Cowboys – Tony played terrible, is there any more I can say? The defense looked bad as we all expected. Only glimmer of hope here is the rest of the East looks shaky and Murray… feed that guy the ball.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars - Hey Jacksonville play Blake Bortles.

26. Kansas City Chiefs – I think we all expected this type of season from the Chiefs. If Jamal doesn’t get going they will not win.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – So much hope for this team and they lose to Derek Anderson at home. That was an embarrassing loss.

28. Washington Redskins – Kirk Cousins chants coming soon.

29. St Louis Rams - How unlucky is this team. Not only do you lose your starting QB but your back up as well. Talented team with unlucky fortunes at QB.

30. Cleveland Browns – Showed great fight in the second half of the Steelers games. I think the defense will improve after a bad first half.

31. Oakland Raiders – Finally a team that gets it, start your rookie QB. Carr played very well considering it was his first game ever in the NFL, but its not going to be a fun season for Raider fans. Derek Carrs progression is all this season should be about.

32. New York Giants – Eli will be fighting for the most INTS in the league again. Hey at least he is consistent.